tisdag 20 november 2012

Kentucky here we come

It feels so great to have a 5 days holiday! Tomorrow morning we are driving up to Kentucky with my hostfamily, which should take us about 14 hours. We are going to sleep at a hotel tomorrow and continue our trip on thursday. On thursday we are celebrating my first Thanksgiving. It is an important holiday for the Americans, it is a good time to have the family gathered. We are going to stay at my hostdad's parents house in Kentucky and I am going to meet a lot of their relatives.
It is going to be a really great trip. It is supposed to be much colder in Kentucky and they are talking with a big accent over there. Also, I heard the Thanksgiving food is awesome!

See you sunday, I'm off.

After school Sandra and me visited my favorite ice-cream place here. It is such a cute little American store. A cute boy gave us free ice-cream. I have to say American ice-cream is so much better than Finnish. Probably because it is more unhealthy.

Such a typical American place. Love it.

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  1. Oh thank you for this gorgeous picture of me Emilia!!! :P (Sandra)
    ps: i like your blog, even if i don't understand most of it!