söndag 24 november 2013


Everybody needs inspiration, to study, to train, to blog, to work, and also to live. Monday for me was an awesome day, but after that I kind of hit a "bump in the road." I did not really have inspiration to do anything besides sleep and eat good stuff. On the other hand I knew that I had to go to work and had to study although I did not have the inspiration for it. We started our second test-week in school for this school year on Thursday, and after that it has been better. It really cheers me up that I have more time since I do not have to be in school until 3 pm. Friday was a really great day, I went to the movies to watch "Catching Fire" with 2 of my friends, the movie and company was fantastic. Yesterday I had a full workday again, but after that we had "pikkujoulujuhlat" with my work, it was like a food party basically. It was way more fun than I had expected and I learnt a lot about my workmates. I also ate Finnish Christmas food for the first time in 2 years, I really can not say I missed it, I mean it is okay, but I am glad we only eat it for Christmas. Today I will take it easy, as I have no test to study for, I have an English oral test tomorrow (which should go just fine) and on Tuesday my class will go to watch a trial. But that is enough about me for today, how are you? 

"May the odds be ever in your favor"

Recently I have been listening to older songs, and these are two of my favorites, I really like the lyrics.

Have a great day!

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