fredag 8 december 2017


Last weekend I was fortunate to be a part of the start-up festival Slush, that was held in Helsinki. I was working as a volunteer, and it was so much fun! The international environment, and new friends reminded me so much about my high school exchange. Although I was working "for free," the benefits of volunteering were much better, so it was definitely worth it. When you didn't have a work shift, you were allowed to attend Slush. I was able to see Al Gore giving the opening speech, and talking about how climate change work is important, and that the US is still in the Paris agreement, although Trump claims something else.

I loved being in the international environment again, and that is why I BOOKED TICKETS to go back to Florida to visit my host family in February! I am soooo excited!

They took volunteer pictures of everyone, haha look at my double chin, time to start exercising?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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